BLACK: Subtitled Radiology, is the first in a trilogy of chapbooks published by Anachronism Press.
This book explores the clinical violation of the body, and a journey through the paradoxes of humanity.


It weaves a story of stoic persistence, as a childhood burns survivor, through the author's experiences with scoliosis, eating disorders, surgical violation, and genetic disease. In doing this, social assumptions of the disabled body as an object of 'pity', or 'fear' are challenged.

This work has been created to address issues of accessibility and diversity, and to spark debate on how we, as a society view physical and mental disability. Through this work, the word 'disability' is reclaimed to self-represent, and empower.


Large print for easy read/vision impaired.
ISBN : 978-1-36-408147-8
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Black - Subtitled Radiology

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