Tulpa magazine

17 Feb 2020

"This is a beautifully crafted performance from start to finish… a reason why the Fringe is such an important event for South Australian artists... one show that you cannot afford to miss"

- Cameron Lowe, Tulpa Magazine

Tulpa magazine 

24 Feb 2019

"What I have just witnessed is by far the best show I have seen at the 2019 Fringe yet"

- Cameron Lowe, Tulpa Magazine

All Over Adelaide 

25 Feb 2019

"This is ownership of personal territory, this is creation in its purest form"

- Ivan Rehorek, All Over Adelaide



26 Feb 2019

"She is a much-needed voice in society, and I think everyone needs to see (or read) her work"...

- Jade Manson, Scenestr