Alison Paradoxx



Artist Statement

My work explores the clinical violation of the body, and a journey through the paradoxes of humanity.

It weaves stories of stoic persistence as a childhood burns survivor, through experiences with scoliosis, eating disorders, surgical violation, and congenital disease. In doing this, I challenge social assumptions of the disabled body as an object of ‘pity’, or ‘fear’. 

My work has been created to address issues of accessibility and diversity, and to spark debate on how we, as a society view physical, and mental disability. I reclaim the word ‘disability’ to empower, and recreate my own self-narrative.


Through my art, I explore the power of words, beyond the traditional poetry formats, making my work as accessible as possible to the D/deaf and hearing impaired, Blind and vision impaired, and Disabled communities, as a whole.

~ I exist to provoke response ~


Who is Alison Paradoxx?

Alison Paradoxx is an Award-winning Performance Poet, Producer, Event Host, and State Poetry Slam Champion. 

Representing the state at the National Poetry Slam at The Sydney Opera House in 2016, Alison has featured for a variety of literary performance bodies all over SA, and been involved in numerous collaborative projects statewide. 

Alison's work has been published by Verity La, Access2Arts, Outlandish Arts, Paroxysm Press, and in LaTrobe University’s gender, sexuality, and diversity studies journal,Writing from below.


Her first solo production, Floral Peroxide, sold out its 2019 Adelaide Fringe season, and an encore performance was staged at the closing of the Festival. 

Floral Peroxide was granted the huge honour of winning The Graham F. Smith Peace Foundation Award, at The Adelaide Fringe Awards Ceremony, 2019, and went on to show at Melbourne's Butterfly Club.

Her chapbook; Subtitled Radiology, is available on this website's online store.

You can find her, each month, hosting  performance art event, Sticks & Stones, at The Libertine by Louis, in Adelaide.